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How can I get to the lan?

The hall is a 10 minute drive from Exmouth train station, we're happy to come and pick people up if needs be. Directions are here. The Budleigh hall postcode is EX9 6RJ

I'm not sure my PC is up to it. Can I borrow one?

I'm afraid its a bring your own computer event. Ask on the forums and you might be able to borrow somebody's laptop, but the staff are no longer able to arrange any loan PC's.

My PCs OK, but my monitors too heavy/big to bring, can I borrow one?

Pop it in the special requirements field on the signup form and we'll contact you or just drop us an email. Please bear in mind that although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that we can provide a monitor. They will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis for similar cases. For example if somebody just has a small or old monitor, and would like a better one, this would be considered a lower priority than somebody who is arriving by bus or train. We've always been able to provide a monitor, providing its been requested beforehand.

How good is the network?

We have two 48 port Netgear Smart switches, all ports are Gigabit. 8 Ports connect the two devices to allow decent backbone capacity.

We provide dedicated game servers, along with an Intranet server which offers patches and DHCP. We have a good selection of dedicated game servers, router boxes and intranet servers.

What Games do you play?

Games vary from LAN to LAN. It tends to be an atmosphere in which people just say "Anybody fancy a game of Supreme Commander?" and people will play

Normally, we'll almost definitely be found playing Counter Strike (Source), HalfLife 2 Deathmatch, Trackmania, and Supreme Commander.

We've been known to play Lightbikes, Quake 3, Atomic bomberman, Red Alert 2 and GTA 2 multiplayer.

If you fancy a different game, there's likely to be somebody else who will want a give it go. This list is far from exhaustive

Do I need to set up my computer for the LAN?

All you need to do is select automatic assignment for IP Address and the network and Internet connection will be set up ready for you. We're more than happy to help you if you run into any problems.

If you have a home network and run DHCP, Routing software or ICS (Internet connection sharing) please disable this before the event, as this causes conflicts with our software.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring:

  • PC
  • Monitor
  • All your leads
  • A pair of headphones
  • 4 Way, Sometimes we daisychain, so if you have more than 3 things your planning to run, please bring a 6 way or two 4 ways.
  • Mouse mat
  • Sleeping bag and a pillow.
  • Change of clothes

Food - It's worth bringing plenty food of your own. We do provide a microwave for you to use, ready meals are recommended as cheap and easy options. There will be people regularly going to Tesco (A 10 minute drive), and there are normally spare seats in cars

You don't need to bring a Network cable

Do you have an Internet connection?

We should have ADSL available at the Budleigh hall for the foreseeable future. However we can't promise it'll work reliably (IE. make your own arrangements if you're oncall at work)

Do I need to download patches?

No, we have a DC Hub and Intranet site with all the latest patches for a large number of games.

Can I take speakers?

We don't allow speakers at the event for the simple reason it would get very noisy very quickly. We recommend a comfortable pair of headphones

Can I bring my own chair?

Budleigh hall has recently had a new floor installed. We need to avoid scratching this and therefore don't allow wheeled chairs. The chairs at Budleigh are comfortable enough and we have plenty of them. If you want you can take a spare pillow to make things a bit more padded.

Am I allowed to bring two computers?

If you intend to take a second PC to act as a server, it is unlikely to be a problem taking it (Unless the lan is is packed!) Please drop Wishy an email to confirm its ok.

It's not ok to take a second computer for you to watch films, irc, etc or a computer for a friend to use it - unless they have a seat paid for.

Is there a wireless Lan?

We sometimes set up a wireless access point for laptops, but consider it too slow for use for main machines. As second PC's (And laptops) aren't allowed at the event unless they're being used as servers we don't offer it to attendees. Obviously we can make exceptions if you email us explaining why you want to use it.

Can I arrive a little early?

It's not normally a problem, providing its not that much before the official start time and theres a reason (Long journeys, train times, etc). Please email Steve to check its ok, giving us the reason you need to be there early. We might ask you to help with the setup, we might be to a stage where only the staff can finish off. Please don't complain if the network isn't up when you arrive early!

Where can I sleep?

The Budleigh Salterton Hall has a large stage which is big enough for most people to sleep on. We draw the stage curtains at night so that people can sleep in the dark. Of course plenty of room left in the hall for people that don't mind the noise.

Are there Showers?

Unfortunately, Budleigh Salterton doesn't have showers.

How near are the shops? Should I bring any provisions?

We suggest you take some food for the weekend with you, certainly enough for the first night, as its less to worry about. An urn is in the kitchen for hot water, tea and coffee are provided. You will need your own mug though.

At Budleigh there are plenty of local shops in the town. There is a large Tesco in Exmouth, around a 10 minute drive away if you want to get more than just the basics.

Budleigh has a chip shop as well as a few reasonable pubs serving food.

Is there a cash machine?

Budleigh Salterton has a Natwest bank with a cash machine, so theres no worries there. It is a 5 minute walk from the hall. Directions are available from a member of staff.

Can I take alcohol?

Yes, All that we ask is your sensible with your drink. Sociable drinking is fine, spending the rest of the night with your head down the loo isn't.

There is a total ban on any members under the age of 18 from drinking alcohol, be this alcohol which has been bought by them or given to them by other members.

Is there a bar at the event?

We do not run a bar at the event. If you want to drink, your best stopping by the off-licence on the way. We do, however, have fridges to keep your drinks nice and cool.

How is the seating organised?

We have a seating system that allows you to select the seat you want before the event. This isn't normally turned on until a week or so before the event and is only available to those who have already paid.

I've signed up, but now cant make it to the event. What should I do?

Send an email to the staff and will will mark you as canceled.

Is there a Westlan IRC Channel?

Not currently, however you can contact any of the staff via the forum, where you can also find their contact details should you need to use another method.

How can I pay?

In short you can pay by Bank Transfer, Paypal or cash. Full details are available on the payment system.

I've signed up, but cant attend now

If you haven't paid - Send an email to the staff and we will mark you as cancelled.

If you've paid - We can transfer the payment to a future event, less a £2.50 admin fee if it's more than a calender month before the event, or 7.50 otherwise. Tickets are non refundable less than 48 hours before the event start time. Please email us to cancel. If you're ill we will consider credits on a case by case basis, it's best to call us.

While this may seem a little harsh, it's very reasonable in comparison to the majority of other lan parties, who would offer no credit or refund of any kind.

How do I know when my payment has arrived / been dealt with?

When a payment arrives, we will mark you as paid on the Ticket Booking page. If this hasn't been done a couple days after you'd expect the payment to arrive (Instantly with online payments, 3 days with bank transfers) send an email to the staff member you sent it to and we will chase it up.

Paypal will usually update the payment system automatically, so you should see yourself marked as paid in a few seconds, but the system is not absolutely reliable.

Unanswered Questions? Hop along to the forums - We don't bite :)