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Event: SaltLAN 43

Tickets cost £27.00 in advance, or £30.00 on the door.

Start time: 20th Oct 2017 19:00
Finish time: 22nd Oct 2017 17:00

There were 64 signups for this event.

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Username Real Name Status
7791 Spencer Guy ATTENDED
AlienX Mark Phillips ATTENDED
Badger_Fighter Andrew H ATTENDED
beer02 Phillip Manning ATTENDED
Biscuit Richard Thomas ATTENDED
Bitswap Shane Carpenter ATTENDED
BoloX Daniel Wood ATTENDED
BubblePower TJ McFloof ATTENDED
catface Robbie McDowall ATTENDED
Connor2key Connor ATTENDED
cozmongrel Corinne Loynes ATTENDED
danailed Danail Dimitrov ATTENDED
DeadIndustry Craig ATTENDED
DogBoy Joe Wood ATTENDED
ediT Alex Stubbs ATTENDED
egg99 Lizzie Colliss ATTENDED
EwEwOOldYE Jon Quinnell ATTENDED
Finley Finley Knight ATTENDED
Fredzer James Gregson ATTENDED
GameGirl Chloe Nicole Rosewell ATTENDED
Ganey Michael Gane ATTENDED
GPswiss Blair ATTENDED
greybeard stuart bowers ATTENDED
iyss toby ATTENDED
jonnymase Jon Mason ATTENDED
Kenny Trevor Pike ATTENDED
knivez Ollie Nokes ATTENDED
kstm Daniel Hart ATTENDED
Lloydeboy Lloyd ATTENDED
Madjesty Greg Miller ATTENDED
MickyMouse718 Michael ATTENDED
Mincent Jacob Finlay ATTENDED
Naughty_Saint Owen Smith ATTENDED
Nranin Eleanor Gregson ATTENDED
Oparoax Joseph Dawes ATTENDED
Otakugirl B Evie Gifford ATTENDED
Pyro Ryan Goodwin ATTENDED
RossalaTTM Ross Seward ATTENDED
Scaniaman93 Oliver Bourne ATTENDED
Shadow shawn hill ATTENDED
SirTonyOfChuntingdon Tony Butler ATTENDED
sir_diealot Rob Taylor ATTENDED
Smartie Leah Pike ATTENDED
sowitty123 Hannah ATTENDED
Stevemanics Steve Carter ATTENDED
Stormwire Arran Wilkins ATTENDED
substatus Andy Rowlands ATTENDED
sunbite Sharon Richards ATTENDED
Techfreak-SSM Shaun Shere Massey ATTENDED
The Exterminator Andrew Baker ATTENDED
Vorpeseda Valerie Green ATTENDED
xenobyte666 Neil Wilson ATTENDED
Zool K Cracknell ATTENDED
dartmoorninja Shahriar Abdullah CANCELLED
GiraffeKOOOO Pascal Stepien CANCELLED
websitetesterimfromgithub Website Tester Im From GitHub CANCELLED
Weredwulf Alex R PAID
bloodtobleed Chris Franklin STAFF
mikethegreek Mike STAFF
neomancer Mark STAFF
1086 Spencer Guy WAITING_LIST
Vapour Jeff Pullen WAITING_LIST
webster306 Haydn Webb WAITING_LIST

A total of 64 signups, 61 paid.

Venue: Budleigh Salterton

Budleigh Salterton is a nice seaside venue. During the day this allows for breaks from the hall for a leisurely walk along the seafront, with some superb ice cream shops (all year round). Being situated towards the center of the town also allows for easy access to a variety of pubs and takeaways.

On Saturday nights, we usually do an order out to a local Chinese Restaurant which is delivered to us


These are the scheduled games for this event, you can join in if you like, but feel free to play whatever you like!

Start Description
Friday 22:55 schedule icon PUBG - Weekend-long Points Total
Admin: neomancer + bloodtobleed
Friday 23:00 schedule icon CS GO - Gun Game
Admin: Chris
Saturday 12:00 schedule icon Nidhogg - tourny
Admin: bloodtobleed
Saturday 13:00 schedule icon Left 4 Dead 2 - Versus
Admin: xconpirisist
Saturday 17:00 schedule icon Unreal Tournament 2k4 - CTF Instagib
Admin: Nobody :P
Saturday 18:00 Big Chinese Food Order
Saturday 20:00 Board Games at the front of the hall
Saturday 21:00 schedule icon Jackbox - Assorted Games
Admin: techfreak-ssm
Sunday 14:00 schedule icon Half Life 2 Deathmatch - Sunday FFA
Admin: xconspirisist