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Event: SaltLAN 48

Tickets cost £30.00 in advance, or £35.00 on the door.

Start time: 7th Jun 2019 19:00
Finish time: 9th Jun 2019 17:00

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There have been 41 signups to this event, 37 people have paid or confirmed, there are 62 seats in total.


Username Real Name Status
cozmongrel Corinne Loynes CANCELLED
Mincent Jacob Finlay CONFIRMED
Nati_Scytail Nati CONFIRMED
AlienX Mark Phillips PAID
Badger_Fighter Andrew H PAID
beer02 Phillip Manning PAID
BubblePower TJ McFloof PAID
CiderRebel Toby Phelps Bond PAID
Commander Bert Ian Poulton PAID
Cridders88 Simon Cridland PAID
Drakey Jamie Wakefield PAID
egg99 Lizzie Colliss PAID
EwEwOOldYE Jon Quinnell PAID
F1R3FLYY Chris Mallett PAID
FLoSSy Chris Blatchford PAID
Freelance Gavin Terry PAID
GPswiss Blair PAID
jonnymase Jon Mason PAID
jozincarnate Neal PAID
Kenny Trevor Pike PAID
maps Martin PAID
mdickens98 Matt Dickens PAID
neon Neil C PAID
Oparoax Joseph Dawes PAID
PeacockDreams Ellie PAID
Scaniaman93 Oliver Bourne PAID
sir_diealot Rob Taylor PAID
Smartie Leah Pike PAID
Stevemanics Steve Carter PAID
Stoolbend Conor Morgan PAID
sunbite Sharon Richards PAID
Techfreak-SSM Shaun Shere Massey PAID
ThunderChild Matt Dixon PAID
xenobyte666 Neil Wilson PAID
benpearce99 Ben Pearce SIGNEDUP
kstm Daniel Hart SIGNEDUP
moogleassassin moogle SIGNEDUP
Xorn Elon Mosque SIGNEDUP
bloodtobleed Chris Franklin STAFF
GiraffeKOOOO Pascal Stepien STAFF
mikethegreek Mike STAFF
neomancer Mark STAFF

A total of 41 signups, 37 paid.

Venue: Budleigh Salterton

Budleigh Salterton is a nice seaside venue. During the day this allows for breaks from the hall for a leisurely walk along the seafront, with some superb ice cream shops (all year round). Being situated towards the center of the town also allows for easy access to a variety of pubs and takeaways.

On Saturday nights, we usually do an order out to a local Chinese Restaurant which is delivered to us


There is currently no schedule for this event.